• Teacher Instructions for Canvas
  • Assign through Google Classroom
  • Teachers are able to embed Newsela articles in Canvas and Newsela and review student submissions within the Canvas SpeedGrader. In order to access these features, teachers must import class rosters from Canvas. 


    ^Syncing classes in Newsela #omit-nav

    1. Log into Canvas username and password.
    2. Open a published class in Canvas.
    3. Click the Newsela link in the course navigation menu on the left side of the screen to open Newsela.
    4. In Newsela, click [your name] in the upper right-hand corner and select the Classes tab.
    5. From the Classes tab, click Sync with Canvas to import all classes from Canvas into Newsela.
    6. The sync may take a few minutes and once it is complete all of your current Canvas Classes will be available within Newsela.
    7. After the initial sync, classes and class rosters will sync automatically.

    ^Setting up Grade Levels and Elementary Filters in Newsela #omit-nav

    1. In Newsela, click [your name] in the upper right-hand corner and select the Classes tab.
    2. A list of classes will be displayed. 
    3. To set the grade level for each class, click the Edit icon beside the class name and select the grade level.
    4. For lower grades, toggle the elementary filter.
    5. Repeat for each Canvas class using Newsela.

    Student grade levels are not stored in Canvas and are not synced from Canvas to Newsela. To ensure that student grade levels are accurate in Newsela, teachers should set grade levels and elementary filters prior to assigning articles.

    ^Setting up the Integration in Canvas #omit-nav

    If Newsela does not appear in your course navigation sidebar in Canvas, you may need to add Newsela manually by following the steps below:

    1. Open a published class in Canvas.
    2. If Newsela is not shown in your course navigation menu:
      1. Click Settings → Click the Navigation Tab.
      2. Click on the three dots next to Newsela → Choose Enable
      3. Click Save.
    3. Repeat for each of the classes which need Newsela access. These steps will also need to be repeated each quarter/semester in new courses.

    ^Creating a Newsela Canvas Assignment #omit-nav

    1. Create and edit a Canvas assignment and include instructions to students.
    2. Under “Submission Type" choose "External Tool." 
    3. Click Find. Scroll and click Newsela
    4. Click Go to Newsela
    5. You’ll be taken into Newsela. Note the dark blue ribbon at the top of the Newsela screen. This blue ribbon indicates that you are working on assigning an article in Canvas.
    6. Search for the article you want to assign.
    7. Click on the Create Assignment button. 
    8. Note that your Canvas course is pre-selected in course dropdown list.
    9. Click on the Assign Button. 
    10. Newsela will prompt you to Return to Canvas. 
    11. Click Return to Canvas.
    12. Click Embed Assignment.
    13. In Canvas, the “Configure External Tool” window will appear next. Click Select.
    14. Uncheck the “Load This Tool In A New Tab” checkbox. Otherwise, in order for students to read the article and submit the assignment, they will need to open Newsela in a new tab.
    15. Click Save and Publish.
    16. Ignore the “Create Assignment” button, this step has already been completed. 
    17. Once you’ve created the assignment, you can add annotations and edit the writing prompt directly in Canvas.

    Assignments created in Newsela will not sync back to Canvas.

    ^Viewing Student Grades #omit-nav

    Student quiz scores, annotations, and writing prompt response submissions can be viewed and graded in the Canvas SpeedGrader. Since Newsela is an adaptive tool which allows students to take quizzes multiple times and adjust article levels, individual scores graded in Newsela do not pass back to the Canvas SpeedGrader. 

    ^Adding Rubrics #omit-nav

    Teachers can add rubrics in Canvas to score Newsela assignments. Please note that you’ll have to first add a rubric to the assignment, then assign your Newsela article. You can find more information here.