• Accessibility on Newsela
  • Operating Newsela With A Keyboard
  • Text-to-Speech Options
  • Good news! The Newsela homepage is now more accessible for users who navigate the Web using a keyboard.

    Our homepage now offers a “Skip To Content” button. This button allows keyboard users to skip over the menu at the top of the site and go directly to the articles on the homepage.  To view the button, load the Newsela homepage and press the “tab” key twice. You can then use the tab key to navigate through the homepage.


    If you are having trouble using the keyboard to navigate the Newsela homepage, you may need to adjust your settings. Try the instructions below based on your browser and operating system. If you are still having trouble, email accessibility.feedback@newsela.com.

    Firefox on Mac:

      • Go to your computer’s System Preferences.
      • Click “Keyboard.”
      • Click “Shortcuts.”
      • Under “Full Keyboard Access,” enable “All Controls.”
      • Restart Firefox and reload Newsela.

    Safari on Mac: 

      • Go to Preferences in the Safari menu.
      • Click on “Advanced.”
      • Under Accessibility, check “Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage.”
      • Restart Safari and reload Newsela.


    Last Updated: March 2019