Using Canvas with Newsela requires system administrator setup. If your school or district uses Canvas, your users will sign into Newsela from Canvas.

^Step 1: Request the Integration #omit-nav

A district or school Canvas system administrator should contact Newsela through this form to schedule a Canvas integration call. When submitting the form, enter "Canvas Integration Request" as your subject. 

^Step 2: Set Up the Integration #omit-nav

A member of the Newsela team will walk your Canvas System Adminstrator setting up the integration during the Canvas integration call.

^How does Newsela’s Canvas integration work? #omit-nav

Newsela’s Canvas integration supports single sign-on and rostering from Canvas. Accounts are created automatically the first time a user clicks on the Newsela link in the Canvas course navigation. Each time a teacher clicks on the Newsela icon in Canvas, courses are automatically created and rostered in Newsela. You can find information for resolving class import issues on this page.

^How can I confirm that the Newsela-Canvas sync is working? #omit-nav

If you want to check that the process is working as expected, we recommend asking a few users to sign in to confirm that they can sign in and see classes.

^Additional Information #omit-nav

For additional details, please review these Canvas articles: