Using Canvas with Newsela requires system administrator setup. If your school or district uses Canvas, your users will sign into Newsela from Canvas.

^Step 1: Request the Integration #omit-nav

A district or school Canvas system administrator should contact Newsela through this form to schedule a Canvas integration call. When submitting the form, enter "Canvas Integration Request" as your subject. 

^Step 2: Set Up the Integration #omit-nav

A member of the Newsela team will walk you throught these steps during the Canvas integration call.

  1. Sign into Canvas as a system administrator.
  2. Generate an access token by navigating to Account → Settings and generating an access token. In the New Access Token screen, leave the expiration date blank.
  3. In Canvas, navigate to Admin → Settings → Apps
  4. Click View App Configurations
  5. Click Add App
  6. In the Add App screen select By URL as the Configuration Type. Enter the Consumer Key and Shared Secret generated earlier. In the Config URL field, enter 

^How does Newsela’s Canvas integration work? #omit-nav

Newsela’s Canvas integration supports single sign-on and rostering from Canvas. Accounts are created automatically the first time a user clicks on the Newsela link in the Canvas course navigation. Each time a teacher clicks on the Newsela icon in Canvas, courses are automatically created and rostered in Newsela. You can find information for resolving class import issues on this page.

^How can I confirm that the Newsela-Canvas sync is working? #omit-nav

If you want to check that the process is working as expected, we recommend asking a few users to sign in to confirm that they can sign in and see classes.

^Additional Information #omit-nav

For additional details, please review these Canvas articles: