^Step 1: Share Clever Data with Newsela #omit-nav

  1. Navigate to Newsela’s page in the Clever App Gallery: https://clever.com/app-gallery/newsela-pro

  2. Click Install and follow the prompts.

  3. Share your data with Newsela.

  4. Review the fields you’re sharing and confirm that they align with Newsela’s Required Clever Fields (see below for details).

  5. Review the Data Warnings section. If you have Data Warnings, resolve them.

^Step 2: Add School and District Leaders #omit-nav

  1. Create a list of the school and district leaders who need to access Newsela.

  2. Add school and district leaders to Clever as School Tech Leads and District Curriculum Leads.

  3. These roles give school and district leaders the ability to sign into apps and view reports, but it does not expand the number of people with system admin access to Clever.

^Step 3: Newsela Reviews and Launches Sync #omit-nav

Once you share your data, it will take the Newsela team approximately a week to review your information and launch your Clever Newsela integration.

^Step 4: Test Sync #omit-nav

Once the sync is set up, we recommend asking a few users to sign in to confirm that they can sign in and see classes.

^How does Newsela’s Clever integration work? #omit-nav

Newsela imports and updates data when users sign in. When a teacher signs in for the first time, Newsela creates their account, imports their classes, and adds students. When a student signs in for the first time, Newsela creates their account. Newsela does not import data from Clever in bulk, so users need to sign into Newsela from Clever consistently to keep their classes and rosters up-to-date. 

^Which fields need to be shared? #omit-nav

When sharing data with Newsela, make sure that you share the following fields.

Note: If any of these fields are not shared, it will result in errors during the student and teacher experience.

  • School Fields: Name, Street, City, State, Zip code

  • Student Fields: First name, Last name, School, Date of birth, Grade. Email is optional but strongly encouraged for data validation

  • Teacher and School Admin Fields: First name, Last name, School, Email (must be unique)

  • Section Fields: Class name, School, Grade, Teacher(s), Student(s)

  • District Admin Fields (for District Binder access): First name, Last name, Unique email

^Additional Information #omit-nav

For additional details, please review these Clever articles: