As a teacher at a district with a Newsela-Canvas integration that has been set up by your district administrator, you can take the following steps to complete the set-up of your Newsela-Canvas integration. If you require further assistance, please ask your district Canvas administrator or contact us.

^Enable the Integration in Canvas #omit-nav

Depending on how the district administrator has set up the Newsela-Canvas integration, teachers may need to take the following steps to enable Newsela in their Canvas account:

  1. In Canvas, click on one of your classes. If you see a link to Newsela at the bottom of the left sidebar (Canvas course navigation), you can click that link to sign in to Newsela.
  2. If you do not see that link to Newsela, click Settings at the bottom of the left sidebar (Canvas course navigation).
  3. Select the Navigation tab. Find Newsela in the list on that tab.
  4. Click the three dots on the right side of that row and select Enable.  
  5. Click Save
  6. Repeat for all classes that need Newsela access. These steps will also need to be repeated each quarter or semester for new courses.
  7. When you click on any of these classes in Canvas, you will now see the link to Newsela at the bottom of the left sidebar (Canvas course navigation). Click that link to sign in to Newsela.

^Set Grade Levels in Newsela #omit-nav

Student grade levels are not stored in Canvas and therefore are not synced from Canvas to Newsela. To ensure that student grade levels are accurate in Newsela, teachers should set grade levels and elementary filters in Newsela prior to assigning articles. 

  1. In Newsela, navigate to your Classes tab by hovering over your name at the top of the page and clicking Classes in the drop-down menu.
  2. Select a class in your list of classes and click the icon in the Edit column. You will then be able to set the class grade. Click Save to save your changes. 
  3. Additional step for elementary classes: Click on the toggle button in the Elementary column to set any class to elementary. Students in Elementary classes will see only articles that Newsela editors have selected for younger readers based on whether they are likely to have the background knowledge and maturity to understand the article. Teachers can view these articles by using the Suggested For Elementary filters on the Advanced Search page. If you want to share a non-Elementary article with students in an Elementary class, you can do so by assigning the article.

^Newsela and Canvas Classes FAQ #omit-nav

When are Canvas courses updated in Newsela?

Classes and enrolled students will be automatically updated in Newsela every time the teacher clicks on the Newsela icon in the course navigation menu of a Canvas course.

Which Canvas courses will be imported into Newsela?

Currently published courses will import into Newsela. If your classes are not importing, confirm that they are published. You will need to sign into Newsela from Canvas to trigger the course import.

When will my classes archive in Newsela?

Newsela will archive your classes once they are marked concluded in Canvas or after the course end date passes. You will need to sign into Newsela from Canvas to trigger course archiving.

How will cross-listing my courses in Canvas affect my Newsela classes?

Cross-listed sections will import into Newsela as one large section.

How do I add a co-teacher to a class imported from Canvas?

Newsela imports co-teachers from Canvas. Co-teachers need to be added in Canvas.