Teachers can navigate to their Classes tab by hovering over their name at the top of the page and clicking Classes in the drop-down menu. On the Classes tab, teachers can view, edit, and add classes.

Note about updating Clever, Canvas, and ClassLink accounts: Depending on the option used to create your account, you may not be able to edit your classes. In that case, your school technology administrator will need to make the changes. You can also contact us with any questions.   

^Create and Import Classes #omit-nav

On the Classes tab, teachers can add classes by clicking Create a Class or Import a Class. You can find more detailed instructions for adding different types of classes here.   

^Add a Co-teacher #omit-nav

Adding a co-teacher allows you and another teacher to assign articles and monitor students’ activity. Both teachers must be associated with the same school on Newsela. Follow these steps to add a co-teacher for different types of classes:

Adding a co-teacher to a Newsela classroom:

  1. Navigate to your Classes tab by hovering over your name at the top of the page and clicking Classes in the drop-down menu.
  2. Select a class and click the envelope icon.
  3. Enter the name or email address of the teacher you'd like to invite. (You can only invite teachers who have Newsela accounts at your school. If the teacher is not appearing when you search, they may need to create a Newsela account or change their school.)  
  4. Check off the co-teacher's name and click Invite.

Note: Once you add a co-teacher, you cannot remove the co-teacher. 

Adding a co-teacher to a Google Classroom in Newsela:

  1. In Google Classroom, add your co-teacher. The co-teacher will need to accept an e-mail invitation from Google Classroom.
  2. After your co-teacher has been successfully added within Google Classroom, re-sync your class on Newsela by going to your Students tab and clicking Re-sync. This will link your co-teacher.
  3. On Newsela, have your co-teacher also import the Google Classroom on their Classes tab. Both teachers need to have imported the Google Classroom.

Note: Both teachers must select the same Google grade level when importing to Newsela. If one teacher removes the class on Newsela, it will also be removed from the co-teacher's Newsela account.

Adding a co-teacher to a Clever classroom in Newsela:

For more information on how to sync a co-teacher to a Clever classroom in Newsela, you can refer to Clever's Support Center: https://support.clever.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000988748-How-do-I-sync-co-teachers-

^Add Students #omit-nav

The way that you add students to classes depends on the option you used to create the class. You can find instructions more detailed instructions for each option here. If you created your classes in Newsela, you can add students by following these steps on the Classes tab: 

  1. In your list of classes, select the class and click the Add Students link.
  2. You’ll see a window with two options for having students join your class: the Class Link and the Class Code. Pick the option that is more convenient for you. Both options work for students with or without existing Newsela accounts. You can also give your students these instructions: How to join your teacher’s class.   
  • Class Link: Students go to the Class Link. By following the on-screen instructions to sign in or create an account, they will join the class.
  • Class Code: Students go to newsela.com. On the left side, they will see a line that says “Student? Enter class code.” Have them enter the Class Code and click the arrow. By following the on-screen instructions to sign in or create an account, they will join the class.

^Set a Class to Elementary #omit-nav

Newsela Elementary is a version of Newsela made up of articles curated for younger readers, typically grades 2-6. 

On the Classes tab, teachers will see an Elementary column in their list of classes. Teachers can designate any class as Elementary by clicking on the toggle button. By default, all classes created for grades 2-5 will be set to Elementary. 

Students in Elementary classes will see only articles that Newsela editors have selected for younger readers based on whether they are likely to have the background knowledge and maturity to understand the article. Teachers can view these articles by using the Suggested For Elementary filters on the Advanced Search page. If you want to share a non-Elementary article with students in an Elementary class, you can do so by assigning the article.

Note: If a student is enrolled in both Elementary and non-Elementary classrooms on Newsela, they will see all Newsela articles.

^Edit Class Name and Grade #omit-nav

On the Classes tab, find the class in your list of classes and click the icon in the Edit column. You will then be able to change the class name and grade. Click Save to save your changes. 

Note: In Newsela, a class can only be set at one grade level. You can learn more about how the class grade level affects Newsela's adaptivity here. If you teach a class with students from different grades, you can either create a separate Newsela class or choose one grade for the entire class. For the second option, we recommend choosing the lower grade.  

^Remove a Class #omit-nav

On the Classes tab, find the class in your list of classes and click the X in the Remove column. To confirm that you want to remove the class, you will need to type remove in the box that says Type remove to confirm and then click X Remove Class.

Note: When a teacher deletes a class, all assignments and associated quiz data will be removed from the teacher's Binder. However, completed assignments and quiz results will still appear in the student's Binder and the school administrator's Binder.