These articles have 3-5 Power Words embedded at each reading level. Clicking a Power Word reveals a definition of the word as it’s used in the article. In the activities panel, students can complete Power Words activities.  

Power Words are selected from Newsela’s Academic Word List (AWL) of Tier II academic vocabulary words, organized by grade level. Students who master these words will be well prepared to read complex texts across a variety of subjects.

Grade 2

Grade 5

Grade 8 

Grade 3

Grade 6

Grades 9-10

Grade 4

Grade 7

Grades 11-12

Words on the Newsela AWL are organized into families. Each family consists of a headword (e.g. assume) and corresponding subwords (e.g. assumes, assuming, assumption). Our list includes families, not just single words. Our articles may include any variation of an academic word (e.g. approach, approaches, approaching) based on the sentence structure and context of the article.

Teachers have a few options for reviewing Power Words activity:

  • Binder Power Words tab: View a list of students and their Power Words averages and progress. Click a student's name to view more details about their Power Words activity. 
  • Binder Assignments tab: View how many students have viewed an assignment. Click on an assignment to go to the Assignments Review Page, where you can see the Power Words average for the assignment and the number of Power Words activities completed for the assignment.
  • Article page: View each student's Power Words score for the article and the answers they submitted.