After administrator Binder access has been added to your Newsela account, sign in to Newsela and hover over Binder at the top of the page. In the drop-down menu, you'll now see your administrator binder. Click District or School Performance.

^School Leader

With School Binder access, you can monitor all student activity in your school. Data can be viewed by school, by teacher, by grade, or by individual student. You can monitor student activity on assignments, view the class average score on a quiz or the individual scores for each student, and view student annotations to check out what students have to say about each article.

  1. Hover over Binder at the top of the page and click School Performance.
  2. School performance data will display by grade level. You'll see the number and percentage of students at each level in a grade.

    Use the Reading Standard filter to view performance on a specific standard and the date range option to view performance for a specific grading period.

    Level 1: Needs Help Students in the red category are recently performing well below proficient compared with all other Newsela students in the same grade.

    Level 2: Nearly On Track Students in the yellow category are recently demonstrating partial proficiency compared with all other Newsela students in the same grade.

    Level 3: On Track Students in the green category are recently demonstrating proficiency compared with all other Newsela students in the same grade.

    Level 4: High Performing Students with a gold star are recently outperforming their same-grade peers.

  3. Click a grade to expand a list of teachers with classes registered for that grade level. This view shows the number and percentage of students the teacher has at each level.
  4. Click a name to view the teacher's Binder. This allows you to see individual student activity. 

^District Leader

With District Binder access, you can view student performance across the district, by school, by reading standard, or by grade. Performance is based on quiz scores. You can also view students compared to all other Newsela students at the same grade level.

  1. Click Binder at the top of the page. The District Binder will appear, showing student performance levels across the district and by school.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to choose how to view the data.
  3. Click any row to see more detailed data.
  4. Use the By School view to see the School Binder.
  5. Click Download Raw District Data to Excel in the top right to export data for review or additional analysis.