• Types of Admin Access
  • Access Admin Binder
  • Use Admin Binder
  • Administrators and all other staff members with valid school email addresses can create Newsela accounts in the same ways that teachers can. At schools and districts with Newsela PRO subscriptions, all approved staff members can have access to administrator Binders added to their Newsela accounts.  

    ^School Leader

    School Leaders can have either School Binder access or Faculty Tab Admin access. With School Binder access, they can view data from the school level down to the individual student level. They can also update teacher information (on their Teacher tab) and student information (on their Student tab). With Faculty Tab Admin access, they can only update teacher and student information. 

    ^District Leader

    District Leaders can have District Binder access, which allows them to view data from the district level down to the individual student level.