• Getting Teachers Started
  • Ways to Create Accounts
  • Welcome to Newsela!

    As an administrator, your first step is to make sure that your teachers and students have Newsela accounts. Some Newsela options require little or no setup by an administrator. Others, such as Clever and Canvas, require more setup. In the next article, you'll see the steps needed for using each one. 

    If you have a PRO subscription, your teachers will automatically have access to Newsela PRO when they sign in to an existing account or create a new one. This access is immediately added based on their school. All teachers are connected to schools in Newsela, and they must use their faculty email address (one with the school or district domain) because that is how Newsela verifies their identity. 

    After your teachers and students have gotten started, you can review school or district activity in an Admin Binder (for PRO subscribers only). In the Review School and District Activity section, you'll find instructions for gaining Admin Binder access and using the Admin Binders.   

    NOTE: Every teacher and student needs only one Newsela account, and can keep using that Newsela account every year. Teachers can continue using the same account with a PRO subscription, a PRO trial, or the free version of Newsela. If a teacher at a school with a PRO subscription does not see that access in their account, they may need to change their school in Account Settings. They can also contact us.