Welcome to Newsela!

As a teacher on Newsela, your first step is to make sure that you and your students have Newsela accounts. Next, you’ll need your students to be in your classes on Newsela. This allows you to make assignments and view student activity.

Teachers who have used Newsela before can sign in at newsela.com. Teachers who are new to Newsela will see a few options for creating accounts: Newsela, Google, Clever, Canvas, Microsoft, and Classlink. When creating your account, select the one that your school uses. If your school is not using any of these options, select the Newsela option.

The option your school uses affects how your Newsela classes are rostered. It also affects how teachers, students, and administrators manage Newsela account settings. On this support site, you’ll find instructions for using Newsela with each option.

NOTE: Every teacher and student needs only one Newsela account, and can keep using that Newsela account every year. You can continue using the same account with a PRO subscription, a PRO trial, or the free version of Newsela - the correct access will be added based on your school. (If it doesn’t look right, change your school in your Account Settings or contact us.)