Audio options for Newsela articles

We hear a lot from educators wanting to incorporate listening activities into Newsela articles. There are a few ways that current Newsela educators do this.

Chrome browser plugins

There are a variety of browser plugins that will read text aloud from websites. Here are a few options that you can install on your students' devices:

Newsela Apps

With the Newsela iOS and Android apps, you and your students can use the built-in text-to-speech features. On the iOS app, simply highlight a block of text, and in the menu that pops up, click Speak.

Pairing Newsela with other website

There are a variety of additional websites and activities that feature audio activities that complement Newsela articles. The Text Set Audio/Article Pairings: Are You Listening? pairs articles with audio stories from ListenWise. Check out the Text Set for more ideas on incorporating Newsela with audio features in your classroom.

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