Native Communities Club (11/21-12/11)

Student Reading Clubs are Newsela classes hosted by Newsela Educator Specialists. By entering the Class Code or Class Link, any student can join these clubs, and they will receive article assignments for the duration of the club.  

The Native Communities Club will explore the past and present of Native American lands and culture through 9 Newsela articles, assigned with annotations and Write prompts over a 3-week period (Nov. 21 to Dec. 11). This club will include both news articles and Library articles, all available at five reading levels.

How your students can join (it only takes a minute!):

  • Students can join the Native Communities Club by entering this Class Code: 3F8ZQ6
  • Alternatively, students can join theNative Communities Club by going to this Class Link:
  • If your students already have Newsela accounts, have them sign in and join using the Class Code or Class Link.
  • If your students don't have Newsela accounts, just have them go to Newsela, click Sign up, select Yes when asked Are you joining a teacher's class? and then enter the Class Code. 
  • Students join classes by going to the Class Link or entering the Class Code on their classes page. More detailed instructions here.


Articles will be assigned every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10AM EST

Week One: Monday, Nov. 21 - Friday, Nov. 25

Week Two: Monday, Nov. 28 - Friday, Dec. 2

Week Three: Monday, Dec. 4 - Friday, Dec. 9

Sample Assignments

Sample Assignment #1, News

  • Article: Adidas pledges to help schools change their Native American mascots
  • Write prompt: Welcome to the Native Communities Club! Should these schools be required to change their mascots? Think about how these mascots affect Native American communities, especially students, in their interactions with school communities. Explain your opinion with evidence from the article. 
  • Sample annotation: Why do you think the football team refused to change its mascot? 

Sample Assignment #2, Library

  • Article: Sarah Winnemucca: Straddling two different worlds, belonging to neither 
  • Write prompt: The article discusses how Sarah Winnemucca gave almost 300 lectures. Imagine you are Sarah about to give a lecture. How are you feeling prior to this and what will you speak about?
  • Sample annotation: How do you think Winnemucca felt about her school being closed? Explain your answer.

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