About Student Reading Clubs

Student Reading Clubs are Newsela classes hosted by Newsela Educator Specialists. All students can join these clubs in the same way that they join a teacher's class, and they will immediately receive the club article assignments. More detailed instructions on how students join classes here. With instructions to annotate strategically and take quizzes, we’ll help students practice reading skills and make meaningful connections as they read. As a Newsela PRO educator, you'll be able to track your students' progress in your Binder.  

Students can join the clubs at any time! We recommend asking students to complete all assignments in 3 weeks, but some teachers might find that a different time frame works better for their classes. 

How can teachers track student progress in Reading Clubs?

As long as your students are in one of your classes, you can track their progress by following these steps. If you need to have students join your classes first, you can do that on your classes page--just give students the Class Code or Class Link for one of your classes. 

Do you have questions or feedback about the Student Reading Clubs? Please let us know at [email protected] We'd love to hear your ideas for how these clubs can best support the learning of your students!


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