Bio Poem

What is a bio poem?

A structured poem that communicates specific information about a person.

When to use this activity?

  • An introduction to a poetry unit
  • Getting to know you activity
  • Critically think about a famous person from history

How do I implement a bio poem?

Select what information should be included in the poem. Below is a sample but it can be customized for the specific lesson.

(Line 1) First name

(Line 2) Three or four adjectives that describe the person

(Line 3) Son or daughter of…(Important relationship)

(Line 4) Lover of… (Two or three things, people, or ideas that this person loves)

(Line 5) Who feels… (Three feelings this person has experienced)

(Line 6) Who needs…(Three fears this person wants)

(Line 7) Who learned…(Accomplishments)

(Line 8) Who would like to see…(Two or three things this person wants to see happen or wants to experience)

(Line 9) The residence of the person

(Line 10) Last name 

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