Cause and Effect

Why teach Cause and Effect ?

Analyzing cause and effect allows students to focus on strengthening their comprehension by identifying what happens in the text and why.

How do I create a lesson focused on cause and effect?

Here is a sample lesson as seen on the article: Student feel pressure of more work, expectations- so do their teachers.

Activity Components                    Description

Discuss with students how identifying cause and effect relationships within an article will help solidify their understanding of the event.

With student input, define both cause and effect. Examples below:

Cause: Why something happens, the action that makes something else happen

Effect: the result of the action or cause

Student Work  
  • Have students highlight in green the cause of student stress.
  • Highlight in yellow the effects of student stress.
  • Students can transfer their highlighted annotations to a cause and effect chart. Then have students analyze the relationship between the cause and effect. How does one impact the other?

Click below for two blank templates to use with your students.

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