PRO Teacher Resources

What are Pro Teacher Resources?

Created with  educators in mind, these activities are customized for each individual article and help students build upon their knowledge and make meaningful connections. Featuring both content connections and reading skills these activities will be sure to aid in delivering engaging and cross-curricular instruction.


  • Research driven activities such as jigsaws, written assignments, debates, and more
  • Essential questions to help your students think deeply about a topic and engage in discussions
  • Meaningful connections to other Newsela content: Text Sets, primary sources, and other news articles


Looking for examples?

Check out this Text Set which includes our most popular activities


  • Newsela  educators can find resources on every news article published since August 1st and are added daily
  • Activities focus on both content and reading skills.
  • Activities are grouped into these categories
    • Discussion
    • Group Work
    • Debate
    • Independent Work
    • Activating Prior Knowledge
    • Research Project

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We want to hear if these activities are helpful, what could be improved, and what you would like to see. Here are two ways to give us feedback:

  1. Located at the bottom of each activity card is a thumbs up and thumbs down. Rate the activity with a thumbs up or a thumbs down.
  2. Fill out this short survey.

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