What is included? What is omitted?

All media tell a story from a particular perspective. News articles are no exception. The way the author uses facts, details, quotes, images, and language reveals the point of view being expressed. The following activity can be used with any Newsela article to encourage students to analyze media for their embedded perspectives and values.  

As students read an article on Newsela, they should respond to the following guiding questions:

  • Who do you think this article was written for? Be as specific as possible.
  • What is this article trying to do?
  • What is the perspective, value, or idea being messaged in this article?
  • Who might disagree with the message, value, or perspective being messaged in this article?
  • What might those people add to this article, that is not currently there?

When students have completed the article and answered the questions above, they should reflect on whose perspective is closest to their own. They should justify their reflection with evidence from the text and their notes to the questions above.   


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