Student Reporters

Students will create their own news article after reading and analyzing various articles on a topic. You can select a Text Set from Newsela to use with this activity. We already created one to use: Media Literacy: Food Issues

Tell students that they are going to act as journalists and write a news report based on the information in the Text Set. The purpose of their report will be to inform an audience without seeking to persuade. It should include all relevant facts and provide context for the subject.

Have students read through the Text Set and record observations about the food issues the United States is facing.  They should be sure to distinguish between fact and opinion.

After collecting all of their facts they should synthesize this information into a one-page article informing the public about this topic.

Once students finish their article,have them pair up with another student. Have each partner share their work and consider these questions:

  • What is similar in my partner's article to my article? What is different?
  • What facts were used in the article to back up statements?  Did we use the  same facts?
  • Which statements or observations reflect opinions or generalizations?  


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