11 Tips for bringing the election into your classroom

11 Tips for Bringing the Election Into Your Classroom

Your class is going to vote in one of the most influential elections in generations. Prepare for the polls with these tips.

  1. Use the Students Vote 2016 Teacher Guide and the election issue Text Sets to turn your students into informed voters.
  2. Attend a Teaching Election 2016: Their Voice, Their Choice webinar for strategies to help you cover the election and other tough topics in your classroom.
  3. Make sure your students are registered to vote by adding them to a class in Newsela before election polls open on October 17.
  4. Assign the candidate profiles to help your class learn about the paths Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took to their candidacies
  5. Show your school that your class will vote. Print the “We’re voting, are you?” sign below and hang it on your classroom door.
  6. Set up your classroom as a polling place to replicate the voting experience for students - be creative! Set up one computer where students can take turns logging in to Newsela to cast their vote. Questions about how voting works? Check out our Election FAQs. 
  7. Print and pass out “I Voted” stickers to students after they vote.
  8. Follow Newsela on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for poll results and election updates.
  9. Share photos of your election experience on social media by tagging @Newsela and using the hashtag #OurVoiceOurChoice. Use the printable sign below to take the perfect picture. We’ll award our 3 favorites with a $250 Amazon gift card. See full contest details here
  10. Look at the results for your class and discuss them after the election. Teachers can see a “View results here” link on the polling page.   
  11. Discuss the final outcome with your class once we release the Newsela nationwide results on November 2. Compare those results with the outcome of the general election on November 8.
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