Policy Issues: Health Care and Climate Change

Essential Question

How does where you live influence how you live?

Learning Objectives

1. Students will create a personal health care plan based on textual evidence.
2. Students will analyze the causes and effects of global climate change.
3. Students will analyze the relationship between health care and climate change to determine their position on each issue.

Content Connections


Teacher Resources

Health Care Activities

Personal Health Care Plan

After reading articles from the Election Issues Text Set: Health Care, students will outline a health care plan that balances food, physical activity, access to care, and medicine. As students create their outline, ask them to reflect upon and consider the various topics and issues throughout the Text Set.

  • Guiding Questions: What are the costs of this plan? Who will be responsible for funding your plan?   

Climate Change Activities

Local Climate Challenge

Using your State Text Set and the articles in the Election Issues: Climate Change Text Set, identify a local environmental issue and determine a solution based on evidence from the text.

  • Guiding Question: What are the causes and effects of this environmental issue? What are possible political solutions? Who is responsible for solving it?

Belief Statement

I believe that _____ because ____.

  • Teacher Note: Students will complete this statement as a culminating reflection for each issue to inform their final election decisions.


Create a public service announcement that promotes a solution to climate change and health care.

  • Guiding Question: How can we support action through public service?

Student Polling

Teacher Instructions

Use the polling questions as a pre- or post-formative assessment to gauge student interest and engagement with election issues. Share the polling links below with your students so that they can monitor their beliefs throughout the election season.

Poll 1

Should health care be free for everyone in the United States?

Poll 2

Is our global climate changing?

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