Carousel - Station Rotation Template

What is Carousel Station Rotation?

A collaborative problem-solving strategy that guides students through an investigative process through the exploration of a series of centers or posters or portions of text.

Why would I use this activity?

  • Assess students prior knowledge before starting a new unit.
  • Encourage discussion and collaboration on a certain topic.
  • Holding all participants accountable for a contribution to the discussion.

How do I implement Carousel Station Rotation?

Activity Components            Description
Guiding Question   Provide a guiding question to frame the activity. It should be an open ended statement that allows for inquiry.

Establish the following details to help facilitate the carousel station rotation activity:

  • Determine the grouping of students.
  • Determine the activity at each station. This can be one text split among posters or a series of different questions that connect back to the guiding question.
Student Work  

When students are moving between stations the following should be in place:

  • Determine the student activity at each station. How will they answer the question?
  • Establish how students will move throughout the stations and the amount of time needed to complete activities.
Reflection and Debrief   Include a set of reflection questions for students or a closing activity that allows students to share what they learned.
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