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Panama Canal



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Online Scavenger Hunt


Students will identify the implications of the building of the Panama Canal through an online scavenger hunt.

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Text Selections  

Time Machine (1906): President Roosevelt at Panama

Panama Canal expansion project makes room for megaships, new business

Directions for Student Work                               

Have students look through both of the articles with a partner to answer the questions below. 

  • What were the major obstacles in building the Panama Canal
  • What were the benefits of the completion of the project in 1906?
  • How did the Panama Canal impact future transportation? 
  • What changes need to be made to the Panama Canal to benefit today’s society?
Conclusion and Reflection  

Find an article on Newsela that shows how the building of transportation has changed after the lessons learned from the Panama Canal.

Come together as a class and discuss the impact of the Panama Canal on the future of transportation. How will the process and implications affected the future of the transportation industry.

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