Anticipation Guide

What is an anticipation guide?

A comprehension strategy that allows students to activate prior knowledge and build curiosity and interested about an upcoming topic before a lesson. After a lesson it can be used as a check for understanding. Before a lesson, students read several statements about key concepts choose whether they agree or disagree. After the lesson, students revisit the Anticipation Guide and see if they still agree with their initial decisions.

When to use this activity?

  • To activate prior knowledge
  • At the beginning of a lesson to spark interest and curiosity
  • At the end of a unit as a check for understanding

How do I implement an anticipation guide?

1) Present an essential question to your students

2) Develop 3-8 questions that guide student thinking about the essential question and provide background knowledge before reading an article.

3) Use the Sample Activation Guide Template below to create your questions and have your students track their thinking.

4) After students have completed reading the article have them come back to the anticipation guide and respond to the questions.

5) Discuss with students how reading the article has changed their thinking.


Check out this sample lesson 

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