Argumentative Writing

What is argumentative writing?

A piece of text in which a student investigates a topic and then collects and evaluates  evidence in order to establish a position on a topic.

When to teach this type of writing?

  • After close reading
  • During a unit on a controversial topic
  • After students participate in a debate

How do I implement argumentative writing in my classroom?

Students can respond to an article by creating an argumentative writing piece.

A student’s response could follow the template below:

Make a point:

Explain the point:



Tie it all together:

Sample Work:

M: Actions should be taken to improve relationships between police officers and the communities they patrol.

E: Many citizens feel unsafe in the communities they live in.

E: For example, an actor in Portland talked about being stopped for a broken taillight. When “four police cars pulled up, he feared for his life”

E: His fear is mostly because “many police shootings have started over the smallest of infractions” and he doesn’t know what type of policy that type of police department has developed.

T: If actions were taken to improve relationships, the actor would know what type of policy the police department followed and if the four cars pulled up beside him, he might not fear for his life.

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