How to increase participation in the Newsela PRO Reading Challenge


Want to increase your students' participation in the Newsela PRO Reading Challenge, but not sure how? Here are some suggestions to get your students involved. 

Newsela Launch Kits

 Take a look at our Classroom Launch Kit which includes a letter for families, introductory activities, and other resources to help you make Newsela an integral part of your classroom this year.

 If you’re looking for more ways to engage your entire school, the School Launch Kit can support you in spreading the word about Newsela PRO to your colleagues, integrating Newsela content across the curriculum, and motivating your students to read.

Read Newsela articles together

Increase student participation by having students read articles with partners, in trios, or in groups. Students can work together on one device to read the article and answer quiz questions.

Assign articles for homework

Newsela works great on phones, tablets, and computers. Assign articles and quizzes to your class for homework to increase the number of points each student earns.

Centers/Timed activities

Use only a few devices during independent work time so that a small group of students can read Newsela articles independently. If time is limited, print differentiated articles in advance and have students complete the quiz during independent work time. 

Read Newsela articles with your buddy class

Does your school have a buddy class with younger or older readers? Have students in each class partner together to read the articles. This helps younger readers advance and more advanced readers improve their fluency and reading comprehension skills.


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