Newsela PRO Reading Challenge FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Newsela PRO Reading Challenge. If you don’t find the answer to a question you have below, please email and we’d be happy to help.

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Which schools are eligible to participate and does my school need to sign up for the challenge to begin participating?

All Newsela PRO schools and districts are eligible to participate. No additional sign-up is required. We will automatically track points at all PRO schools and update the rankings here.

What is the duration of the challenge?

The Newsela PRO Reading Challenge lasts four weeks.

Start date: Thursday, September 8, 2016

End date: Thursday, October 6, 2016

Who is eligible?

Any student attending a PRO school is eligible to participate.

Do my students need to have a Newsela account?

Yes, your students need Newsela accounts to participate. If your students do not already have an account, please follow these instructions to help them create one.

Do teachers need to do anything to have their students participate?

Once students have their Newsela accounts, they can participate independently. We will be offering prizes to schools that have the highest participation. Teachers are encouraged to help students participate in the challenge. Check out this page for ways to use Newsela in your classroom.

Is there a deadline for my students to begin participating?

No. The challenge begins September 8, 2016, but students will be able to begin participating any time up to the end of the challenge on October 6, 2016. The sooner students begin to read, the greater the opportunity they have to earn points and rewards.

Why did Newsela create the PRO Reading Challenge?

The goal of this challenge is to increase student engagement while fostering a community of learners who are deeply curious about the world around them. By participating in this challenge, students have the chance to earn some extra Newsela rewards while learning and increasing their knowledge of the world. Educators also gain valuable insights about their students, helping to inform instruction and guide future learning.

How can I help my students succeed with the challenge?

Teachers are encouraged to help students participate in the challenge. You can check out this page to learn more about implementing Newsela in your classroom and increasing student participation during the challenge.

What is my students’ goal in participating in the Newsela PRO Reading Challenge?

Every student’s goal for the Newsela PRO Reading Challenge is to read as many articles as he or she can. Points are awarded to students based on quizzes taken and correct quiz questions answered.

How will my students earn points?

  • Students earn points for every word they read on Newsela. 
  • Students earn points for each quiz taken on Newsela.
  • Students  earn additional points for each correct quiz answer.

How does my school win?

The school with the highest number of Newsela PRO Reading Challenge points at the end of the challenge wins. Throughout the challenge, Newsela will determine Reading Challenge scores for all PRO schools. We will be posting updates throughout the duration of the challenge. Check out this page if you are interested in seeing school rankings.

What are the prizes?

In addition to the grand prize, schools can earn other rewards throughout the duration of the challenge based on their participation.

Gold Level School

The PRO school with the highest number of points at the end of the challenge will enjoy a Newsela-sponsored event. We’ll roll out the Newsela blue carpet and collaborate with your school to plan an occasion your school community will remember for years to come.

Silver Level Schools

PRO schools reaching the silver level by the end of the challenge will receive a swag pack full of Newsela goodies for participating students and teachers.

Bronze Level Schools

PRO schools reaching the bronze level by the end of the challenge will receive an online certificate recognizing their hard work and dedication.

How can my school participate if we do not have 1:1 digital devices?

There are many ways to participate, even if your school does not have 1:1 digital devices for students. Check out this article for more ways on how your students can participate.



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