Anticipation Guide Sample Activity


Essential Question: What should or should not be done to improve the relationships between police officers and the people who live in their communities?

Read each of the 8 statements, in the first column, aloud to your students and have them write a (+) or (-) sign in the second column. Let students know that there are no incorrect answers because it is their opinion on the statement based on their prior knowledge. Students are most successful with this activity when the put down the first opinion that comes to mind.

Next, have students read Opinion: How to fix American policing. To help guide students while they are reading, go through the article and share the recommended annotations. Once students have finished reading the article, have them read each of the statements again on their own and place a (+) or (-) sign in the third column. Encourage students to write a few notes in the fourth column to note why their opinion stayed the same or changed.

Click below for a blank Anticipation Guide Template. Customize this template to fit an upcoming lesson in your classroom.

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