Then & Now

Getting to know your new Newsela Binder

We’ve updated your Newsela Teacher Binder to make it smarter and easier to use. Read on to learn what is different.

Now, you can...

  • Save time by accessing all of your classes and students from the left sidebar
  • See students’ just right reading level to the right of their name in the Students tab
  • Review an item analysis of how students are performing on each quiz question from the middle column in the Assignments tab
  • View performance across all reading standards at the same time by viewing “skills mastery” in the Students tab
  • See student reading segmented by reading in your class, your colleague’s classes, and independent work
  • Export and download a report that respects screen filters
 If you used to review Assignments by clicking on that section of the Binder… Now, you select the Class that you want to review and select Assignments at the top of the Binder
If you used to score the Write prompt by clicking For Review...

Now, you expand and click Grade Now.

After, you can arrow through student work now from the Article page to review and grade.
If you used to reset the quiz by hovering over the percent in the Assignments section... Now, you scan to the right of the student’s name, click on the three stacked dots, and select Reset Quiz.
 If you used to review Classes by clicking on that section of the Binder... Now, you find those insights by selecting the Class from the left toolbar and selecting Students at the top of the Binder.
 If you used to review your student’s progress by group in the Student Progress section...  Now, you find those insights by filtering for Overall Progress in the Students tab of the Binder.
If you used to filter by Class and Standards in the Student Binder from the Student Progress section... Now, you select a student’s name from the Student tab and can see performance in your class, other teacher’s classes, and independent work. You determine standards mastery by reviewing the colored dots to the right under Skills Mastery.
If you used to find Independent work in the Student Progress section... Now, you find Independent work by selecting the Student tab, clicking on a student name, and then clicking Independent to expand to see the work.
If you used to switch classes by clicking on the different names... Now, you switch Classes by selecting the class from the left toolbar.

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