Monitoring Schoolwide Progress with PRO

With the Newsela  School Binder, you have access to student insights for all students at your school.

Note: If you need School Binder access, email your request to with your principal copied and we'll add School Binder access to your Newsela account (if you don't have have a Newsela account, you can create one here). 

There are a variety of ways you can use your School Binder to monitor schoolwide progress with Newsela. The School Summary tab of the binder shows an overview of the activity at your school.  Use this tab to view the general trends at your school:

  1. Hover over BINDER on the Search and Navigation bar at the top of the page and select SCHOOL SUMMARY.
  2. School Summary data includes total articles read, total quizzes taken, percentage of proficient students, recent activity, and registration totals.

     Tip: You can find teacher-created Text Sets in this tab.  Find one you think other teachers at the school would also use.  You can share them with your teachers.

The School Performance tab allows you to view performance data for your students compared to all Newsela students in their grade level.

  1. Hover over BINDER on the Search and Navigation bar at the top of the page and click SCHOOL PERFORMANCE.
  2. School performance data will display by grade level. You'll see the number and percentage of students at each level in this grade.

     Tip: This view shows you which teachers are actively using Newsela.  Set up a schoolwide PRO School Reading Challenge to encourage your students to keep reading.

    NOTE: Use the Reading Standard filter to view performance on a specific standard.  Use the date range option to view performance during a specific grading period.

     Tip: Here you’ll be able to see which standards are strongest and weakest at your school.  Encourage your teachers to use Search & Navigation to find articles by grade level, reading standard, language, and more.

  3. Click a grade to expand a list of teachers with classes registered for that grade level.  This view shows the number and percentage of students the teacher has at each level.
  4. Click a name to view the Teacher's Binder.  This allows you to see performance data on individual students. See Using the Binder for more information.

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