More About PRO

Learn More About PRO Features

As a Newsela PRO educator, you now have access to all the amazing features that PRO has to offer. You can now track student progress, annotate and communicate with your students right on the article and edit, view, and score write responses. You also have unlimited access to our PROfessional Learning Library. Click here to learn more about PRO features. 

Integrating Newsela PRO across the Curriculum

Are you an administrator, instructional coach, or department lead? On Newsela every article is written at 5 different levels to help educators teach any topic. Share these resources with colleagues teaching subjects from math to social studies and everything in between. Click here to learn more about integrating Newsela across the curriculum.

Sharing PRO with your Colleagues 

Let colleagues at your school know they have access to Newsela PRO. Share the news via email, place this page in their school mailbox, or post it in your faculty lounge to share the exciting news. Click here to share Newsela PRO with colleagues. 



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