PRO School Challenges

Generate excitement, increase student learning, and make the most of Newsela PRO by participating in a Newsela Challenge or by creating a challenge of your own. Below are some tips and strategies to motivate your students throughout the year.

Students Vote 2016 Challenge

Challenge students at your school to vote in the Students Vote 2016 election while the polls are open from October 17 to November 1. To encourage students to make informed votes, set goals for reading a certain number of articles in the Election Issues Text Sets.   

Newsela Sponsored Challenges

We kicked the school year off with the Newsela PRO Reading Challenge. We'll be having more challenges later in the year. If you'd like inspiration for creating a challenge on your own take a look here and here to see what has been done in the past.

Principal Goals

Challenge your students to read a specific number of articles and celebrate their success with a reward. Learn how one principal motivated his students to read well over 10,000 articles during the school year by clicking here.

Schoolwide Progress

Working on a specific literacy skill or toward an overall learning goal? Monitor specific reading standards schoolwide and track progress in your School Binder. Filter by date and reading standard to see how your students are progressing. Set a goal with your students and update them regarding their progress throughout the year.

Reading Minutes Challenge

Measure minutes spent on reading. Set a goal at the beginning of the year that students can work toward. Monitor the number of minutes students spend reading. Celebrate schoolwide as each milestone is achieved.

Readathon Challenge

Determine how long you’d like to allot for a readathon challenge and what your schoolwide goal is. During this specific amount of time, students can login to Newsela, read, complete quizzes, and use article features to show what they know. Incentivize the reading challenge as a fundraiser or with other rewards.

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