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If I was from Syria?



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Point of View Writing: A piece of writing composed from a specific perspective.


Students will be able to write from the perspective of different people affected by the Syrian Civil War in order to formulate an understanding of the impact the Syrian war has had on education. 

Activity Components             Description                                 
Essential Question        What is the impact of the Syrian Civil War on the citizens of Syria and other countries?
Entry Document   Most Syrian refugee children work or stay home instead of going to school

Anchor Chart: Create anchor chart that shares key characteristics of writing from a specific point of view.

  • Who is the person?
  • How might they feel about the issue? 
  • What is their role in the issue?

Entry document different perspectives

  • Syrian child
  • Syrian refugee
  • Syrian parent 
  • Syrian educator 

Class predicts what these key perspectives might think/feel after reading the headline.

Question: From your perspective, how has the war affected education in your country and what repercussions do you predict will occur based on the lack of education?
Students select perspectives.

Student Work   

Students read entry document - [10 mins]

  • Highlighting and Annotating facts and descriptions that will help the student write from the selected point of view 

Students use evidence from the entry document to respond to the teacher’s question in the Write prompt [10 mins]

Students review their writing [ 3 mins]

Students self-assess at the end prior to submitting to the teacher

  • I think my writing is a (1/ 2 / 3) because...
Publish          Students submit their writing in the form of a Write Response in Newsela.
Feedback   Teacher provides feedback to students in Binder.
Extension   Writing conference or Small Group work
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