Point of View Writing


A piece of writing composed from a specific perspective.

Planning Template

Activity Components             Description                                 
Essential Question        An open ended question to support students in shaping their compositions written from a specific point of view.
Entry Document   Select an article from the News or Library that could inform the perspective students will take on a topic in their writing.

Teacher uses entry document to present different perspectives. Can supplement with an anchor chart or strategy card to support their composition.

Pose a question for students to answer based on a selected perspective.

Student Work   
  • Suggested format is writing workshop or a similar format.
  • Students read entry document and write from the perspective they are assuming.
  • Students review writing and self-assess.
Publish          Students submit their writing in the form of a Write Response in Newsela.
Feedback   If using the Newsela Write feature, teacher can grade and provide feedback to student’s written response in the binder.
Extension   Writing conference or Small Group work

Sample Activity

If I was from Syria?: Students will create a letter based on a person affected by the Syrian Civil War.

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