Online Scavenger Hunt

What is an online Scavenger Hunt?

Using a curated set of online texts, students will use problem solving skills to answer questions which can ultimately lead to a project.

When to use this activity?

    • Activate background knowledge at the beginning of the unit
    • To facilitate research skills during a unit

How do I Implement an Online Scavenger Hunt?

Activity Components                    Description
Text Selections   Select the articles or text set for students to use when completing the scavenger hunt
Directions for Student Work  

A description of what students should be doing during the activity. Can include the following:

  • Background knowledge for activity
  • Time frame for activity completion
Questions   Create a set of statements for student exploration. These questions will guide the students’ search through the selected texts.
Conclusion and Reflection   Create a question or project that will allow students to synthesize the gathered information and reflect upon what they learned.

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