Students Vote 2016 Teacher Guide


The goal of the Students Vote 2016 program is to provide a learning experience that will help students fulfill their duties of citizenship in a participatory democracy, not tomorrow, but today.

The Teacher Guide pairs the Newsela Election Issues Text Sets to help students make an informed vote through extended engagement in relevant political topics. Each set of paired issues will facilitate critical thinking to have students make connections to their personal beliefs and the actions of the presidential candidates.

Recommended Learning Pathway

  • The Teacher Guide is built to best fit into your classroom needs. You can review the paired Election Issues resources and align them to your scope and sequence and daily lesson needs. You do not need to follow a particular order or use all of the resources for engagement.
  • Each resource is a unit with an essential question, content connections, guided activities, research extensions, and poll questions.
  • At the end of each paired Election Issue unit, students will develop a belief statement that will help them align their personal beliefs with the proposed legislation of the 2016 candidates.
  • Students will reflect on their collected belief statements and poll responses to vote in the Newsela Students Vote 2016 election from October 17 to November 1.

Election Issues

 Education and Criminal Justice

  •  How does the education you receive affect your future?

Terrorism, Security, and Gun Control

  •  What is worth fighting for?

 Immigration and Refugee Crisis

  •  How can immigration lead to conflict and/or progress?

 Health Care and Climate Change 

  • How does where you live influence how you live?

 Gender Equality and Income Inequality

  •  How do we measure equality?
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