Gallery Walk

What is a Gallery Walk?

A collaborative and active way for students to generate and share ideas on a specific topic or topics. Students physically walk throughout designated stations while answering meaningful questions that relate to an overarching theme or question.

Why would I use this activity?

  • After reading an article to review the key points. 
  • Allow for an interactive way to examine historical documents or images.
  • Activate Prior Knowledge prior to introducing a new topic. Generate ideas
  • As a closing activity for students to review other student created projects.

How do I Implement a Gallery Walk?

Use this planning template to help discover the different components of the activity and use it to plan your own! 

Activity Components             Description                                 
Introduction/Guiding Question        Provide a guiding question to frame the activity. Should be an open ended statement that allows for inquiry.

Establish the following details to help faciltate the gallery walk:

  • Determine grouping of students 
  • Create questions for each station
  • Select images or text for each station
Student Work  

When students are moving between stations the following should be in place:

  • Determine the student activity at each station. How will they answer the question.
  • Establish how students will move throughout the stations and the amount of time needed to complete activities.

Include a set of reflection questions for students or a closing activity that allows students to share what they learned

*Extension (Optional)          An activity that continues the exploration of knowledge of the topic.

Sample Ideas

A Look Back At Social Systems: Students will respond to questions about the Mayan society and connect to the systems we have in place today.

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