Project Based Learning Activity- Solving Global Problems

Essential Question      How can people at a local level help solve global problems?
Entry Document     Get Involved Text Set

Initiating Activity:

  • As a class, discuss reasons why education would help solve the global warming issue. 
  • Have students support their reasons with facts from the articles.
  • Solidify a list of at least three reasons and write them on the board.

Student Work:

  • Group students into teams of three. For a larger class you can break into 6 groups and have two groups working on the same issue.
  • Give each group a different reason.
  • Have students read through their issue and create a local plan that could be implemented in their school/ town to help solve their selected issue.  Students can consider the following information when creating their plans, however they aren’t restricted to the list:
    • Who would this plan help?
    • What resources are needed
    • How much time would it take to implement
  • Students should create a poster or a vision board with their intended plan.
Reflection/Evaluation            After groups have completed their intended plans, hang them up in different places around the room. Supply students with sticky paper and have them place their reactions and comments on the posters. Come together and discuss any similarities or differences amongst the project as well as key takeaways.
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