Project Based Learning

What is Project Based Learning? 

Students actively explore a real-world problem, topic or challenge and acquire a deeper knowledge through the creation of a project.

When to use this activity?

  • At the beginning of a curriculum unit
  • To tie in themes across different subjects 

How do I Implement Project Based Learning?

Use this planning template to help discover the different components of the activity and use it to plan your own! 

Activity Components             Description                                 
Essential Question   An open ended question that students will discover the answer through their individual projects
Entry Document   Select an article or text set that will kick-off the project and give background knowledge.
Project   A description of what students should create. Can include the following sub-categories:
  • Initiating Activity 
  • Student Work
  • Progress Tracking- this is optional component.
How will students keep record of their progression.
Examples: task list, calendars, group support, progress checks, learning logs, journals
Reflection/Evaluation    An activity or series of questions that allow students to show what they learned and how the process went.

Sample Ideas

Solving Global Problems: Students will create a plan to solve a global problem at a local level

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