Summer Activities for Students

Summer Activities for Students 

Are you a teacher or parent and wondering how Newsela can support your students through the summer as they try to maintain literacy skills? Check out Newsela’s summer activities to encourage students to read and learn even when school is out.

Students can…

  1. Join Camp Newsela to read about interesting topics over the summer.
    How it works: A teacher at Newsela will assign two articles a week during the summer. Check out our Camp Newsela: Student Edition to learn more.
  2. Keep a journal this summer to record your thoughts and ideas about the articles you read on Newsela. After reading an article, choose a question below and respond in your journal:
    • After reading this article, what are you wondering about and why?
    • Draw a quick sketch of one of the people, things, or places in the article. If your drawing were added to the article, how do you think it would help people understand the article?
    • Write a brief summary of the article in your own words.
    • What do you predict will happen next based on the events in the article? Provide evidence from the text to support your prediction.
  3. Become a Newsela expert on a topic you’re curious about and share your knowledge with teachers, family, and friends.
    How it works:
    • Choose a topic or issue you’d like to learn more about. Here are some examples:  Animal extinction, the 2016 election, space travel, or U.S. immigration.
    • Search for articles about your chosen topic. Read, take quizzes, and respond to the Write prompt to deepen your understanding about what you're reading.
    • As you read, take notes, identify similarities, trends, and any differences within the articles. Create a presentation* answering the questions below:
      1. What is the issue or topic? Why is this topic something others should care or be concerned about?
      2. How do different groups of people feel about this topic? Why? Use evidence from the articles you read to support your answer.
      3. Predict what you think will happen in the future with this specific issue or topic. Use evidence from the articles to support your prediction.
        *Your presentation can be a video, poster, written essay, oral presentation, or something digital. Get creative!

Searching for articles on Newsela

If you’re wondering how you can find articles that interest you, use the search and navigation bar at the the top of the homepage. Type in keywords like Saturn or Olympics to search. You can also click on SUGGESTED SEARCHES or NARROW YOUR CHOICES. For additional help searching for articles, see Searching for articles and text sets.




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