Camp Newsela FAQ

What is the duration of Camp Newsela?

Start date: Monday, June 13
End date: Friday, August 14

Who is eligible?

Any student with a Newsela account is eligible to participate. Students use their existing Newsela accounts. If they're new to Newsela, they can sign up today.

Is there any cost to participate? Do I have to be a PRO subscriber?

There is no cost to participate. You do not have to be a Newsela PRO subscriber.

Do my students need to have an account in Newsela?

Yes. If your students do not already have an account, please follow these instructions to help them create one.

Parents: please see these instructions to create accounts for your readers, if you would like the option to assign your students more articles over the summer.

How do students participate?

Students participate by joining a Camp Newsela: Summer Reading Club and by reading assigned articles and taking quizzes starting on Monday, June 13.

Do teachers have to do anything to enable their students to participate?

No. Once students have their Newsela accounts, they can participate independently.

Is there a deadline for my students to begin participating?

No. Camp Newsela begins June 13 but students will be able to begin participating any time up to the end of Camp Newsela on August 14.

How can I help my students succeed with Camp Newsela?

Download and print copies of this handout and have your students write down their username and password to keep for use during the summer. Ask them to take this home to share with their parents/guardians.

Why is Newsela hosting Camp Newsela?

Newsela's mission is to unlock the written word for everyone. We know that summer reading is a vital component to developing and maintaining student literacy. We are dedicated to supporting teachers everywhere in their commitment to their students' growth in literacy. To that end, our goal with the Camp Newsela: Summer Reading Clubs is to help support the efforts of schools to encourage students to read as many articles as they can.

What is my students' goal in participating in Camp Newsela?

Every student's goal for Camp Newsela: Summer Reading Clubs is to read all 20 assigned articles and take all 20 quizzes, scoring a 2 out of 4 or better on each quiz.

How can my students join Camp Newsela?

To join, students need to navigate to

Once there, they enter one of the Newsela Class Codes below.


Club name
Newsela Class Code Class description
Kid Heroes Club HEROES Articles about kids making big impacts in their communities and beyond.
Animals Club ANIMAL These stories will explore the animal world:how they live in the wild and how they sometimes do human jobs.
Politics Club EL2016 With Election 2016 approaching, these stories will help you stay informed over the summer.
Space Club 2SPACE These stories will help you escape Earth's atmosphere with articles that are out of this world.
Strong-of-Stomach Club STRONG These stories will make your stomach turn, but they're so interesting you won't be able to stop reading.
Technology Club TECHNO Stories all about gadgets, gizmos, and the latest in technology.
Spanish Club SPCLUB These are the most popular stories in Newsela Español.


Yes, students can join one or many of the Reading Clubs.Can students join more than one Reading Club?

Can students read more than they’ve been assigned? 

Yes. Students can always read more than assigned.

As a teacher, how can I monitor my students' progress? 

With Newsela PRO, you can view all the work your students do over the summer. These students need to be registered in one of your classes. Check out our Quick Start Guide for Teachers.

How can I help my students over the summer?

To make sure students can log on to Newsela over the summer, you can print out this document so they can write down their Newsela log-in information.

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