Emoji Reading Response Activity

Identifying and reflecting upon the main idea is an important standard that most students interact with at some point.
Have students interact with the main idea in a different way by relating it to emotions.
Take a look at the emoji reading response activity below created by one of our Newsela Certified Educators.

Emoji Reading Response!

Write one sentence that tells the main idea of the article: ____________________________________________________________________

A-  Answer: Circle 1 emoji that expresses how the article made you feel. State the mood of the article.

C-  Cite: Copy two different parts of the article that made you feel this way. Introduce the evidence! 

E-  Explain: Why did these parts make you feel this way?_____________________________________________________________________

In the space below, create a 3-frame comic about the article you read.


Activity created by Shelley Sheets. A middle school educator from Omaha, NE and a Newsela Certified Educator. Find her on Twitter at SheetsLegitLit.

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