Quiz Answer Reflection Activity

Developed by one of our certified educators, the Quiz Answer Reflection activity can be used with any article. Have your students record their quiz answers and reflect upon why they chose either the correct or incorrect answer.

This is a great way to get your students actively thinking about their answers and realizing the process is just as important as the product. Try using this activity as a starting point for meaningful conversations either in one one on conferences or peer groups. 


Name: _________________________ Date: ___________________

Title of the Article__________________________________________

Class: __________________              LEXILE:___________________

DIRECTIONS: Write your answers in sentence form. Sentence 1: C -- Cite proof from the text: either a direct quote in quotation marks or a paraphrase of what the article says. Sentence 2: E -- Explain why this is correct. (You may SKIP writing about questions that you got correct on the quiz, just record your answers to ALL questions, whether you got them right or wrong!!!)

# 1 My Answer: ___________ Correct Answer: __________________


# 2 My Answer: ___________ Correct Answer: __________________


# 3 My Answer: ___________ Correct Answer: __________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

# 4 My Answer: ___________ Correct Answer: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 


Activity created by Shelley Sheets. A middle school educator from Omaha, NE and a Newsela Certified Educator. Find her on Twitter at SheetsLegitLit.

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