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The more your students use and understand the features on Newsela, the greater impact it can make on their learning. Here are some ways to support them in exploring Newsela content, their Student Binder, and article features.  

Exploring Newsela Content

Taking a closer look at Newsela content

What are your students most excited about learning with Newsela? Have students login* and explore Newsela articles. Divide your students into small groups based on categories from the Library and News sections. Ask students to look closer at the category’s topics, text structure, titles, and images. What interests them most and why? Is there something all of the articles have in common? If so, what? Encourage students to share out what they discovered.

*Check out this Student Guide if students need to sign up.  

Get to know your students

Ask your students to choose a Newsela article that best represents them. This article can relate to their interests, hobbies, culture, recent travels, an issue that impacts them in some way, or what they’d like to learn more about. Encourage each student to  share what article they chose and why. You’ll get to know your students better as well as have some insight to what articles may interest your students in the future.

Exploring Newsela Features

Solving a Features Puzzle

Students can explore Newsela features by solving clues and completing the Feature Crossword. This puzzle encourages them to look closely at article features and learn how to complete assignments.

Feature Crossword

Student Checklist

The Simple Six Student Checklist is a brief getting started guide to help motivate your learners to become Newsela masters! Look at this guide for more ways to use the checklist in and out of the classroom.

Simple Six Student Checklist

Student Teachers

Divide students into small groups and ask them to take on the role of the teacher. Each group will be an expert on a Newsela feature and teach the class how to use it. They can demonstrate the feature in real time, create a poster, or use screen shots. Some features students can teach the class about:

  • Signing in with a Class Code or Class Link
  • How to take a quiz
  • Answering the Write prompt
  • Highlighting and Annotating
  • Analyzing progress in the student Binder

Additional sample lesson plans to help introduce Newsela to your students

Sample Newsela Lessons  

Login Cards

If students are logging in with a unique username and password, encourage them to record their information on these printable cards or in their personal planners. Have students keep their login information in a safe place so that they can read at anytime.

Download Login Cards here. 


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