Paired Text: Too much standardized testing?        


Paired Texts include two Newsela articles that share some sort of link in topic or theme. Along with the articles, you'll find a Write Prompt that requires students to pull evidence from both texts, explain their thinking, and form a conclusion. These prompts require students to cite and explain evidence in a written response.


Discussion Questions

  1. The Education Department is changing some of the existing standardized testing laws. Use both articles to identify examples of these changes.
  2. Why you do think there have been changes to standardized testing laws? What else do you think could be changed?
  3. In both articles, the author organizes the text so that readers can better understand the changes affecting standardized testing. How is the organization in each of the articles similar or different?

 Tip: Use the questions above as Annotations.

Write Prompt 

 Tip: Customized Write Prompt

Do you believe students spend too much time taking standardized tests in Georgia? Why or why not? Use evidence from both articles to support your answer.

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