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The goal of first lady Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher Initiative is to inspire students to take charge of their future through education. We have put together some resources and a contest to help bring this initiative into your classroom. We encourage you to try these with your students, modify them as needed and share your experience with us.

Here is a brief description of each item we have put together. To learn more about that activity, click on the title.

Reach Higher Contest

Share a picture of your students holding up this printable certificate with their expected college graduation year filled in. Click on the title for more information. 

Reach Higher Text Set

Reach Higher Text Set created in collaboration with Michelle Obama. From stories on unique scholarships to special challenges facing students applying to college, this Text Set is both inspiring and informative.

Op-Ed written by first lady Michelle Obama

Op-Ed piece about the importance of education written by first lady Michelle Obama. This pieces has been leveled for 5 different reading levels.

Reach Higher Classroom Resources

Bring the Reacher Higher initiative into your classroom by implementing one of these  activities:

Paired Text Activity

Students will read two articles from the Higher Learning Text Set and answer guiding questions.

Timeline Activity

After reading an article from the Higher Learning Text Set, students will create a timeline outlining their own educational journey.

Op-Ed Writing Assignment

Students will create their own Op-Ed piece after reading first lady Michelle Obama’s piece on education.

Go Beyond the Classroom

We would love to hear how you are using these resources in your classroom. If you have implemented one of the activities, or come up with something different, please share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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