Technology Toolkit

Newsela  is adaptive to both the needs of your students and the demand of your teaching toolkit. Here are some suggestions to get started with your  features in all tech settings. These  Tips can be applied for both English and Spanish content.

 One to One

With a class set of computers you can have students interact with articles to help support your lesson plan and curriculum guide.

On each article students can complete:

  • Quiz
  • Write prompt
  • Annotations

See Classroom Resources for sample lesson plans. 


 Varied Technology Settings

Discover ways to use Newsela for a variety of technology settings.

Media Center

Have access to a media center or computer lab? Try one of the activities below with your class.

   Interactive Project

  • Find a Text Set or create your own to connect to your current unit of study.
  • Share the Text Set link with students and have them pick a few articles to read, take quizzes, and relate to the class project.

   Research Day

  • Discover articles that relate to a current unit of study.
  • Apply discovered articles to a class research project or paper.

   Independent Nonfiction Reading

  • Have students choose an article of interest, take the Quiz and complete the Write prompt.

Tech Station

Center-based learning is a great way to use a handful of computers or devices. Divide your students into groups for a differentiated experience.

   Try a few of these station ideas:

  • Print an article at different levels and read together in guided reading groups.
  • Teacher creates discussion prompt and groups discuss and practice questioning.
  • Two groups of students can compare and contrast articles.
  • Create a reflection journal which allows students to react and create questions to articles they have read.
  • After reading, have groups take turns at group station computers to submit the Quiz

Class Computer

If you have access to one class computer, project the article on the board and try one of the following activities for meaningful engagement.

  • Practice listening skills by reading the article out loud together and have students take notes.
  • Read the article together chorally or have students take turns.
  • Model specific reading strategies for nonfiction reading such as making inferences.
  • Build reading comprehension by Annotating the articles for meaning.
  • Model the active thinking process by doing a think aloud.
  • Preview the article as a class and then have the students complete the Quiz as homework.

 On the Go

Have your students download the Newsela App for use on iPhones or iPads. Students can read articles and take quizzes anywhere, including places without an Internet connection. Quizzes taken will be scored and will sync with the Teacher Binder.

Activities for at-home engagement

  • Assign multiple articles and let your students choose one that is of interest to them.
  • Work on student self-monitoring by assigning multiple articles.
  • Practice independently reading news articles. Have students come prepared, the next day, to share one new or interesting piece of information they learned.

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