PRO Resource: The Civil Rights Act (Beta)

Primary Source: The Civil Rights Act of 1964

Text Set Connection - The Civil Rights Movement

Learning Objective:

  • Students will be able to evaluate the Civil Rights Act with a collection of current event stories to determine if this legal document should be updated based on contemporary issues.

Newsela PRO Features:

  • Instructions
  • Recommended Annotations
  • Write
  • Paired Texts

Grade Levels:

  • Activity can be modified to all grade levels, however, some content may be best fit for mature readers.


  • Students will read the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and select 2-3 articles from the Text Set to read and make connections. Students will then use all resources to write an argumentative essay to evaluate the question: Should the the Civil Rights Act be updated? This activity can be applied over several class periods and used as an independent project.
  • PRO Instructions: (Teacher Note: Assign on Civil Rights Act)
    • After reading articles from the Civil Rights Act, highlight evidence in YELLOW that connects to a contemporary issue then Annotate to explain your reasoning. Make sure to apply evidence from at least 2 articles.
  • Write prompt:
    • Establish a claim: Should the Civil Rights Act be updated? If so, which section(s) would you update? Plan your argument here.

Election 2016 Extension:

  • Connect to Election Issues Text Set - How are civil rights still an issue when discussing “equality” in US policy?

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