Camp Newsela: Student Edition

I’m a student, how can I join Camp Newsela?

As a student, you can join one or more of the Camp Newsela classes below.  These Newsela classes are reading clubs. A teacher at Newsela will assign two articles a week over the summer based on the class topic.  Click on a Newsela Class Code below to join a club that interests you. You can join one, two, or all of them!

You will be assigned your first article on Monday, June 13.

Club name
Newsela Class Code Class description
Kid Heroes Club HEROES Articles about kids making big impacts in their communities and beyond.
Animals Club ANIMAL These stories will explore the animal world: how they live in the wild and how they sometimes do human jobs.
Politics Club EL2016 With Election 2016 approaching, these stories will help you stay informed over the summer.
Space Club 2SPACE These stories will help you escape Earth's atmosphere with articles that are out of this world.
Strong-of-Stomach Club STRONG These stories will make your stomach turn, but they're so interesting you won't want to stop reading.
Technology Club TECHNO Stories all about gadgets, gizmos, and the latest in technology.
Spanish Club SPCLUB These are the most popular stories in Newsela Español.

When Camp Newsela ends on Friday, August 19, we'll calculate how many students have completed their assignments. If you’re a student in a Reading Club with the most completed assignments, you will be offered the chance to vote to contribute towards a DonorsChoose project.

Newsela for iOS

As a student you can now download the free Newsela for iOS app for Camp Newsela. To download the app, click here.

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