Paired Texts: Airplanes





1908: Our aeroplane tests at Kitty Hawk

2016: Solar-plane pilots say trip was also test of human endurance


Classroom Application

1. Assign your class Our aeroplane tests at Kitty Hawk with these instructions:

Read through the article and highlight in blue the reason the main reason         the airplane was invented. Then, highlight in yellow two supporting details.

2. Assign your class Solar-plane pilots say trip was also test of human endurance. Include this Write prompt: 

  • It is said, "Necessity is the mother of invention." Compare and contrast the birth of both airplane inventions. Take into consideration the reason for the creation of these two new inventions and the impact they had on each of the societies. 

3. Extension: Have your students assume the role of a journalist. Give them the following scenario: You are a journalist in the year 3010 reporting about the newest airplane that is being tested. Create your own article reporting on the new invention and the impact it has had. Encourage students to draw upon the knowledge learned about the invention of airplanes from the two assigned articles.

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